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We understand the various styles of learning and the value that curriculum has to offer to our students. Our educational focus will be based around social, emotional, physical, and cognitive learning. The “creative curriculum” will offer opportunities for students to, dive into learning, encourage educational growth, and develop interest and awareness in environmental education.

Physical Education

Physical Education plays a vital role in children’s development and growth. It’s important to know the value of taking care of themselves through healthy eating, exercising, good sportsmanship, and self-confidence. Programs such as yoga, zumba for kids, and other team sports are fun activities that each have the option to participate in. Let us aid your child to the path of living a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy nutritional choices will impact energy levels, behavior, and academic performance. Lunches will be provided and prepared daily by our partners Wholesome Tummies. Their mission is to “lead the healthy food movement for all ages by making fresh, nutritious, and exciting foods available in the places we live and learn.” To learn more, please visit their website www.wholesometummies.com

Our Vision

Jump City Childcare Center exists to uncover the potential in each child that attends our facility. We provide a safe and educational atmosphere that creates positive guidance and self-motivation; empowers ongoing cognitive learning; and develops physical wellness and social relationships.

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