Ages: 4‘s & 5’s

Pre-Kindergarten offers a formal classroom environment that allows students to understand expectations in kindergarten. Teachers assess each child current state of education and set goals to prepare them for the next level. We fully understand that each child may not be on the same level educationally, therefore we work individually to ensure students is are achieving there personal goals. After the completion of the pre-k program, your child will graduate and be ready for the next level.

Educational Structure

  • Academics

    Count 1-50

    Identify States on Map

    Rhyming Words


    Reading/Word Blends

    Time AM/PM



    Letter Recognition

  • Learning to Learn

    Self-help skills to promote a good self-image and high self-esteem

    Knowledge of self, family, and culture

    Cooperation, self-control, and motivation to learn

    Taking turns during group activities

  • Social & Emotional

    Oral Language skills

    Public Speaking

    Listening to comprehension