Ages: 6 weeks-18 months

Babies develop very quickly during the first year of life. They move from not being able to control limb movements to being able to reach for things and bang them together. Infants develop physically and learn to interact with people on a daily basis. At Jump City, we place an huge importance in our infant room. With our individual care plan, we make the transition from your  “in home” care to our center more comfortable.

Stages of Infancy

  • 6 weeks - 6 months

    Starts learning to be comforted by caregivers

    Holds head up unsupported for a short time

    Uses eyes and hands together and plans, such as seeing a toy and reaching for it

    Coos and babbles

    Rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back

    Does “push-ups” and starts trying to move forward

  • 6 months - 12 months

    Starts testing cause and effect, such as seeing what happens when shaking a toy

    Is interested in looking in the mirror

    May stand with support

    Has favorite objects or toys

    Tries to repeat words

    Walks holding on to hands or furniture

  • 12 months - 18 months

    Rolls toys with wheels, fills and empties, throws things, rolls a ball, and stacks 2 blocks.

    Likes to turn pages of a book.

    Begins to walk without help.

    Eats finger foods.

    Shows pride in personal accomplishment